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Why Is So Important To Eliminate Electrostatic Discharge?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs when two electrically charged objects are in close proximity to one another, causing a sudden flow of electricity. Static electricity can accumulate and build up on an object when there is friction, rubbing, or contact with another charged object. When the charge on the object reaches a critical level, it can cause a spark resulting in the sudden discharge of electricity. ESD can have significant implications on electronic components and can cause damage or failure to them.

When devices are exposed to high static voltages, their internal components can be damaged. ESD can cause degradation, damage or destroy the electronic component. A latent defect is when a device is partially damaged by ESD, but still functions. Detecting latent defects is difficult and significantly reduces the lifespan of the device.  The damage can also range from minor degradation that causes performance issues to permanent damage that can lead to malfunction or even complete failure of the component.

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When exposed to ESD, electronic components are likely to experience a reduced lifespan and reliability. ESD can lead to early failure of components over time due to accumulation of damage over time. Manufacturers need to take measures to protect electronic components from ESD damages during manufacturing, transportation, and handling.

Electronic products that fail due to ESD damages can result in product recalls and significant costs loss for manufacturers. Eventually, it will affect manufacturer’s reputation and lead to loss of confidence. In additional, ESD can pose safety hazards to individuals working with electronic components or using electronic devices. A discharge can trigger electric shocks or ignite flammable materials in certain environments, causing accidents or injuries.

To prevent ESD damage, manufacturers use various techniques such as grounding, shielding, and special protective coatings on electronic components. To mitigate the risks associated with ESD, manufacturers use various measures such as ionizer fans, wrist straps, grounding detectors and anti-static mats during production and transportation.

Prestige Technology offers Electrostatics Management Solutions that address and reduce the potential risks associated with ESD events. Additionally, our products enable manufacturers to monitor ESD status in real-time during production and minimize the time required for corrective measures.

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