Product Cat
  • Semiconductor (6)
  • Safety (4)
  • Cryogenic (3)

Used Semiconductor Equipment / Tools

High quality pre-owned semiconductor equipment and tools.


Chillers cover various temperatures range from 0°C to 60 °C.

FOUP Cleaning Systems

Fully automatic FOUP cleaning system for 300mm wafers.


Various types and materials of electrodes.

Mass Flow Controllers

A series of gas and liquid mass flow controllers.

Liquid Vaporizers

Provide high precision liquid vaporization control.

Cryogenic Accessories

VJ valves, phase separators, vent relief valves, safety relief valves.

Cryogenic Pipes & Transfer Hoses

Build on quality with an extensive selection of rigid and bendable vacuum jacketed pipes.

Vacuum Insulated Evaporators Tanks

Designed primarily for the storage and distribution of liquefied gases.

Personal & Area Gas Detectors

Keep you safe in hazardous environments.

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