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Prestige Technology has been serving various major industries mainly in secondary sectors for over a decade. During these time, we have provided numerous turnkey solutions working closely with our customers to resolve their challenging cases. We believed that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all industries and customers.

Hence, our professional team always offer personalized solutions to customers based on their needs, operating model, application, and environment. We strive to provide customers with a new level of support in the operating system and to assist companies in strengthening their production goal with strong operations.

Prestige Technology specializes in providing solutions in the semiconductor, cryogenic, and safety areas. Each solution has its own professional team, which is made up of experienced engineers to provide the best experience and solution to customers.

Semiconductor Solutions

semiconductor solutions, overhaul and repair

Our professional team is skilled in extending the shelf life of valuable semiconductor-related equipment through repair and overhaul, resulting in significant cost saving and a great reduced in turnaround time. Aside from that, we design and reconfigure used equipment to meet your new specifications and ensure that the refurbished equipment is compatible with your existing system.

Our semiconductor solution is widely involved in backend process equipment such as radio frequency (RF) generators and matchers, remote plasma sources (RPS), mass flow controllers (MFC) and chillers. We also offer used equipment that can help you to cut operational costs and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Cryogenic Solutions

cryogenic solutions, liquid nitrogen application

We are experts in design and installation of cryogenic line systems. Our system and solution will ensure an efficient delivery of cryogens supply up to your point of use safely. Our vacuum jacketed pipe system is specially designed and can be customised to be used in a static or dynamic configuration.

For company that is looking for professional advice Super Insulated Vacuum Line (SIVL) system, it will be a great chance to start engaging us to be your one-stop solution provider. Prestige Technology manages complete turnkey projects from designing, supply of material, installation and post maintenance services to the system.

Our senior engineers oversee your entire process and ensures that the project adheres to your projected timelines, allowing you to be stress-free. do have a vast spare parts supply in our inventory system to support your requirement.

Safety Solutions

safety solutions, gas detection system

Workplace safety is a top priority for all the industries. Different sectors will face various dangers and hazards during their operations. There are thousands of gas detection systems and personal protective equipment (PPE) options on the market, whereby it will be challenging to select the appropriate one for your application. You do not have to be concerned about this issue when you are engaging our safety solutions. Prestige Technology offers a wide range of gas detection and PPE selection. By visiting (your plant and understanding your application, our team can advise on the proper safety settings and PPE to keep workers safe from potentially life-threatening incidents during daily routine work. Aside, we also offer post sales services such as maintenance and calibration of gas detectors. Our dedicated service team can calibrate various brands of gas detectors, whether portable or fixed. 

Prestige Technology provides solutions globally and our business has grown not only in Singapore but in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailands, and Taiwan. You now can easily reach us via our website, LinkedIn, and Facebook or simply call us at +65 6777 1140 for more information.

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